I breast fed all three of my children (now all grown up and I’m a grandmother in waiting ..) and can write essays on the pain of having to feed with cracked, bleeding nipples, mastitus and how to avoid it, overflowing milk in aisle 4, latching on, rugby holds, cross and cradle holds, maternity bras and how to still feel attractive, discreet breast feeding in very public places and can tell you 101 things to do with a wet lettuce and flannel.

To breast feed is the most natural thing in the world, once mastered!  I have been so horrified recently of all the negativity around breast feeding, this is just my way of offering support and advice for young breast feeding mothers of today….and say GO YOU….you can do it…  !   It is so ridiculous how woman are being targeted when out and about and how social media sexualises images of feeding mothers.  I applaud businesses who welcome breastfeeding mothers and make room for them to do so in a respectful and clean environment for the mother and her baby and also applaud feeding mothers who are not intimidated by these bullies.

Unfortunately my own mother passed away before she met my children.  I hope this blog offers good old fashioned support and advice if you are going through a hard time right now, or simple encourages you to keep on..

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Chat soon, Great Aunt Jane – your BreastMate!